Saffron Honey

Discover the luxurious saffron honey, a dark amber treasure with a captivating aroma and medium sweetness. Harvested in Iran’s renowned provinces, this versatile honey offers numerous health benefits, from stress reduction to tumor-fighting properties. Experience the rich legacy of saffron, a prized spice used for millennia in culinary, medicinal, and perfumery practices across Iran, Spain, and India.



The most valuable and luxurious spice in the world today is saffron. Bees make saffron honey by collecting nectar from the saffron flowers.

Saffron honey has many health benefits. It can reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen the mind, help with respiratory problems, and aid digestion. It can also fight tumors and ease the pain.

Saffron honey’s color is dark amber. This unique honey has a strong and long-lasting aroma and a medium sweetness. It is collected in the Khorasan, Isfahan, Yazd, and Kerman provinces.

Iran, Spain, and India have used the saffron plant, a member of the crocus family, for thousands of years in culinary, medicine and perfumery.