Polyfloral Honey

Discover Iran’s unique polyfloral honey, a product of the region’s rich medicinal plant diversity. This versatile honey offers a range of therapeutic benefits, from boosting digestion and memory to preventing prostate cancer. Honey properties vary based on the production environment, nectar source, and season.



Iran boasts some of the world’s wealthiest regions in terms of medicinal plants. Consequently, honey bees established in this area with several types of plants will collect nectar from all of them. As a result, the honey they produce from these nectars will combine the properties of several kinds of single-flower honey. Polyfloral honey gets its name for this reason.

This honey possesses numerous therapeutic properties. These include strengthening the stomach, digestive, blood circulation, urinary, memory, and nervous systems, treating anemia, preventing prostate cancer, and bladder infections.

Depending on the production environment and the nectar from which bees harvest, this honey can vary in color, composition, and properties. This is why the taste of this honey varies from year to year.