ExportSet - Your trusty supplier of bee products and partner in wellness, delivering the best of nature from the heart of Iran.

About us

Welcome to ExportSet — your premier destination for a comprehensive range of all-natural, premium bee products meticulously sourced from the heart of Iran. Our utmost priority is to help you achieve optimal physical and mental health, and we do this by delivering the highest quality items that promote a healthy lifestyle. Our luxury, top-quality products are designed to help you feel great and perform at your best. Our unwavering commitment to providing you with a wellness experience like no other makes us the ultimate choice for all your needs. Let ExportSet be your trusted partner in realizing your wellness goals.


Choose ExportSet, Your Trusty Supplier for Optimal Wellness. Experience the Luxury of Premium, All-Natural Bee Products from the Heart of Iran.


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Incorporating premium-grade honey and bee pollen products with your brand or private label, accompanied by custom packaging or bulk options, can elevate your company's professional image. By partnering with a reputable supplier that prioritizes quality, your business can establish itself as a trusted industry leader, while customized packaging options offer an opportunity to showcase your brand's unique selling proposition and captivate potential customers.